I [[t]ma͟ɪnd[/t]] NOUN USES
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1) N-COUNT: with poss You refer to someone's mind when talking about their thoughts. For example, if you say that something is in your mind, you mean that you are thinking about it, and if you say that something is at the back of your mind, you mean that you are aware of it, although you are not thinking about it very much.

I'm trying to clear my mind of all this...

There was no doubt in his mind that the man was serious...

I put what happened during that game to the back of my mind...

He spent the next hour going over the trial in his mind...

She found herself thinking thoughts that would never have entered her mind until now.

2) N-COUNT: supp N Your mind is your ability to think and reason.

You have a good mind...

Studying stretched my mind and got me thinking about things.

...an excellent training for the young mind.

3) N-COUNT: usu sing, with supp If you have a particular type of mind, you have a particular way of thinking which is part of your character, or a result of your education or professional training.

Andrew, you have a very suspicious mind...

The key to his success is his logical mind.

...an American writer who has researched the criminal mind.

4) N-COUNT: with supp You can refer to someone as a particular kind of mind as a way of saying that they are clever, intelligent, or imaginative.

She moved to London, meeting some of the best minds of her time.

5) See also , -minded, , state of mind
6) PHRASE: V inflects, oft PHR that, PHR n If you tell someone to bear something in mind or to keep something in mind, you are reminding or warning them about something important which they should remember.

Bear in mind that petrol stations are scarce in the more remote areas...

I should not be surprised about some of her comments, bearing in mind the party she belongs to.

7) PHRASE: V inflects, usu PHR n If something brings another thing to mind or calls another thing to mind, it makes you think of that other thing, usually because it is similar in some way.

That brings to mind a wonderful poem by Riokin...

The fate of many British designers calls to mind the fable of the tortoise and the hare.

be reminiscent of
8) PHRASE: V and N inflect, oft PHR to n If you cast your mind back to a time in the past, you think about what happened then.

Cast your mind back to 1978, when Forest won the title.

9) PHRASE: V and N inflect, usu PHR to n If you close your mind to something, you deliberately do not think about it or pay attention to it.

She has closed her mind to last year's traumas.

10) PHRASE: V and N inflect If you change your mind, or if someone or something changes your mind, you change a decision you have made or an opinion that you had.

I was going to vote for him, but I changed my mind and voted for Reagan...

She's very young. She might change her mind about what she wants to do...

It would be impossible to change his mind.

11) PHRASE: V inflects If something comes to mind or springs to mind, you think of it without making any effort.

Integrity and honesty are words that spring to mind when talking of the man.

12) PHRASE: V and N inflect, oft with brd-neg, oft it PHR that If you say that an idea or possibility never crossed your mind, you mean that you did not think of it.

It had never crossed his mind that there might be a problem...

The possibility of failure did cross my mind.

occur to you
13) PHRASE: PHR after v, PHR with cl If you see something in your mind's eye, you imagine it and have a clear picture of it in your mind.

In his mind's eye, he can imagine the effect he's having.

14) PHRASE: V inflects, oft PHR inf If you have a mind to do something, you want, intend, or choose to do it.

The captain of the guard looked as if he had a mind to challenge them...

They could interpret it that way if they'd a mind to.

15) PHRASE: V inflects, usu PHR inf If you say that you have a good mind to do something or have half a mind to do it, you are threatening or announcing that you have a strong desire to do it, although you probably will not do it.

He raged on about how he had a good mind to resign.

16) PHRASE: V inflects If you ask someone what they have in mind, you want to know in more detail about an idea or wish they have.

`Maybe we could celebrate tonight.' - `What did you have in mind?'

be thinking of
17) PHRASE: V inflects, usu PHR inf If you have it in mind to do something, you intend or want to do it.

Collins Harvill had it in mind to publish a short volume about Pasternak.

18) PHRASE: PHR after v, PHR with cl If you do something with a particular thing in mind, you do it with that thing as your aim or as the reason or basis for your action.

These families need support. With this in mind a group of 35 specialists met last weekend.

19) PHRASE: v-link PHR If you say that something such as an illness is all in the mind, you mean that it relates to someone's feelings or attitude, rather than having any physical cause.

It could be a virus, or it could be all in the mind.

20) PHRASE: V and N inflect If you know your own mind, you are sure about your opinions, and are not easily influenced by other people.
21) PHRASE: V and N inflect If you say that someone is losing their mind, you mean that they are becoming mad.

Sometimes I feel I'm losing my mind.

22) PHRASE: V and N inflect, oft PHR to-inf If you make up your mind or make your mind up, you decide which of a number of possible things you will have or do.

Once he made up his mind to do something, there was no stopping him...

He simply can't make his mind up...

She said her mind was made up.

23) PHRASE: oft n prep PHR You can use the expression mind over matter to describe situations in which a person seems to be able to control events, physical objects, or the condition of their own body using their mind.

Good health is simply a case of mind over matter.

24) PHRASE: v-link PHR If a number of people are of one mind, of like mind, or of the same mind, they all agree about something.

Contact with other disabled yachtsmen of like mind would be helpful...

The food companies are not of one mind about these new regulations.

25) PHRASE: mind inflects, v-link PHR If you say that something that happens is a load off your mind or a weight off your mind, you mean that it causes you to stop worrying, for example because it solves a problem that you had.
26) PHRASE: N inflects, v-link PHR, PHR after v If something is on your mind, you are worried or concerned about it and think about it a lot.

This game has been on my mind all week...

I just forgot. I've had a lot on my mind.

27) PHRASE: V and N inflect, PHR n/-ing If your mind is on something or you have your mind on something, you are thinking about that thing.

At school I was always in trouble - my mind was never on my work.

28) PHRASE: N inflects, PHR after v If you have an open mind, you avoid forming an opinion or making a decision until you know all the facts.

It's hard to see it any other way, though I'm trying to keep an open mind.

29) PHRASE: V and N inflect, usu PHR to n If something opens your mind to new ideas or experiences, it makes you more willing to accept them or try them.

She also stimulated his curiosity and opened his mind to other cultures.

30) PHRASE: N inflects, v-link PHR (disapproval) If you say that someone is out of their mind, you mean that they are mad or very foolish. [INFORMAL]

What are you doing? Are you out of your mind?

31) PHRASE: N inflects, v-link PHR, usu PHR with n (emphasis) If you say that someone is out of their mind with a feeling such as worry or fear, you are emphasizing that they are extremely worried or afraid. [INFORMAL]
32) PHRASE: N inflects, v-link PHR (emphasis) If you say that someone is, for example, bored out of their mind, scared out of their mind, or stoned out of their mind, you are emphasizing that they are extremely bored, scared, or affected by drugs. [INFORMAL]
33) PHRASE: V and N inflect, PHR n If you put your mind to something, you start making an effort to do it.

You could do fine in the world if you put your mind to it.

34) PHRASE: V inflects, PHR n If something puts you in mind of something else, it reminds you of it because it is similar to it or is associated with it.

This put me in mind of something Patrick said many years ago.

35) PHRASE: V and N inflect If you can read someone's mind, you know what they are thinking without them saying anything.

Don't expect others to read your mind.

36) PHRASE: V and N inflect To put someone's mind at rest or set their mind at rest means to stop them worrying about something.

It may be advisable to have a blood test to put your mind at rest...

She could set your mind at rest by giving you the facts.

37) PHRASE: with brd-neg, n PHR (emphasis) If you say that nobody in their right mind would do a particular thing, you are emphasizing that it is an irrational thing to do and you would be surprised if anyone did it.

No one in her right mind would make such a major purchase without asking questions.

38) PHRASE: V and N inflect, PHR n If you set your mind on something or have your mind set on it, you are determined to do it or obtain it.

When my wife sets her mind on something, she invariably finds a way to achieve it.

39) PHRASE: V and N inflect If something slips your mind, you forget it.

I was going to mention it, but it slipped my mind.

40) PHRASE: V and N inflect If you speak your mind, you say firmly and honestly what you think about a situation, even if this may offend or upset people.

Martina Navratilova has never been afraid to speak her mind.

41) PHRASE: V and N inflect If something sticks in your mind, it remains firmly in your memory.

I've always been fond of poetry and one piece has always stuck in my mind.

42) PHRASE: V and N inflect, PHR n If something takes your mind off a problem or unpleasant situation, it helps you to forget about it for a while.

`How about a game of tennis?' suggested Alan. `That'll take your mind off things.'

43) PHRASE: PHR with cl You say or write to my mind to indicate that the statement you are making is your own opinion.

There are scenes in this play which to my mind are incredibly violent.

44) PHRASE: usu v-link PHR, oft PHR about n, PHR whether If you are in two minds, you are uncertain about what to do, especially when you have to choose between two courses of action. The expression of two minds is also used, especially in American English.

Like many parents, I am in two minds about school uniforms...

Roche was in two minds whether to make the trip to Oslo.

45) to give someone a piece of your mindsee piece
presence of mindsee presence
out of sight, out of mindsee sight
II [[t]ma͟ɪnd[/t]] VERB USES
minds, minding, minded
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1) VERB: usu with brd-neg If you do not mind something, you are not annoyed or bothered by it.

[V n/-ing] I don't mind the noise during the day...

[V n/-ing] Do you mind being alone?...

[V n -ing] I hope you don't mind me calling in like this, without an appointment...

It involved a little extra work, but nobody seemed to mind.

object to
2) VERB (politeness) You use mind in the expressions `do you mind?' and `would you mind?' as a polite way of asking permission or asking someone to do something.

[V if] Do you mind if I ask you one more thing?...

[V if] You don't mind if they take a look round, do you?...

[V -ing] Would you mind waiting outside for a moment?...

`Would you like me to read that for you?' - `If you wouldn't mind, please.'

3) VERB: with brd-neg If someone does not mind what happens or what something is like, they do not have a strong preference for any particular thing.

[V wh] I don't mind what we play, really...

[V wh] I want to play for a top club and I don't mind where it is...

[V wh] They don't mind what you do.

4) VERB: usu imper If you tell someone to mind something, you are warning them to be careful not to hurt themselves or other people, or damage something. [BRIT]

[V n] Mind that bike!

(in AM, usually use watch)
5) VERB: only imper You use mind when you are reminding someone to do something or telling them to be careful not to do something. [BRIT]

[V that] Mind you don't burn those sausages.

make sure
(in AM, usually use make sure, take care)
6) VERB If you mind a child or something such as a shop or luggage, you look after it, usually while the person who owns it or is usually responsible for it is somewhere else. [BRIT]

[V n] Jim Coulters will mind the store while I'm away.

keep an eye on
(in AM, usually use take care of, watch)
7) CONVENTION (formulae) If you are offered something or offered a choice and you say `I don't mind', you are saying politely that you will be happy with any of the things offered. [BRIT]

`Which one of these do you want?' - `I don't mind.'

I'm not bothered
8) CONVENTION (formulae) You can say `I don't mind if I do' as a way of accepting something that someone has offered you, especially food or drink. [OLD-FASHIONED]
9) CONVENTION You say `Don't mind me' to apologize for your presence when you think that it might embarrass someone, and to tell them to carry on with what they were doing or about to do.
10) PHRASE: PHR n You use don't mind in expressions such as don't mind him or don't mind them to apologize for someone else's behaviour when you think it might have offended the person you are speaking to.

Don't mind the old lady. She's getting senile.

11) CONVENTION (formulae) Some people say `Mind how you go' when they are saying goodbye to someone who is leaving. [BRIT, INFORMAL]
take care
12) PHRASE: PHR with cl (feelings) People use the expression if you don't mind when they are rejecting an offer or saying that they do not want to do something, especially when they are annoyed.

`Sit down.' - `I prefer standing for a while, if you don't mind.'...

If you don't mind, we won't talk about it any more.

13) PHRASE: PHR with cl (emphasis) You use mind you to emphasize a piece of information that you are adding, especially when the new information explains what you have said or contrasts with it. Some people use mind in a similar way.

They pay full rates. Mind you, they can afford it...

I got substantial damages. It took two years, mind you...

You need a bit of cold water in there to make it comfortable. Not too cold, mind.

14) PHRASE If you tell someone, especially a child, to mind their language, mind their tongue, or mind their manners, you are telling them to speak or behave properly and politely.
15) CONVENTION (emphasis) You say never mind when you are emphasizing that something is not serious or important, especially when someone is upset about it or is saying sorry to you.
16) PHRASE: oft PHR n/wh You use never mind to tell someone that they need not do something or worry about something, because it is not important or because you will do it yourself.

`I'll go up in one second, I promise.' - `Never mind,' I said with a sigh. `I'll do it.'...

`Was his name David?' - `No I don't think it was, but never mind, go on.'...

Dorothy, come on. Never mind your shoes. They'll soon dry off...

`Fewter didn't seem to think so.' - `Never mind what Fewter said.'

17) PHR-CONJ-COORD (emphasis) You use never mind after a statement, often a negative one, to indicate that the statement is even more true of the person, thing, or situation that you are going to mention next.

I'm not going to believe it myself, never mind convince anyone else...

Many of the potholes are a danger even to motor vehicles, never mind cyclists.

let alone
18) CONVENTION You use never you mind to tell someone not to ask about something because it is not their concern or they should not know about it. [SPOKEN]

`Where is it?' - `Never you mind.'

19) PHRASE: PHR with cl (emphasis) You can say `I don't mind telling you' to emphasize the statement you are making.

I don't mind telling you I was absolutely terrified.

20) PHRASE: PHR n/-ing If you say that you wouldn't mind something, you mean that you would quite like it.

I wouldn't mind a coffee...

Anne wouldn't mind going to Italy or France to live.

21) to mind your own businesssee business
to mind your Ps and Qssee p

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